Monitor API Tutorial, Part 1: Getting Started

This is a basic tutorial series for using the Gavagai Monitor API v2

Getting Started

Start by performing the following steps:

  1. Get an account with Gavagai. Contact and specify your name, organization, and why you want an account. Once the account is setup and ready, you will receive a username, password, and API key.
  2. Test that the account is setup and working properly by performing a call to the following simple method. You can enter the URL in your browser's address bar or just click the URL here (be ready to supply your username and password when prompted): If all is well you should get the simple response: pong. Congratulations! Note that you do not need to specify the API key for this simple call but you may have to for many of the other more interesting ones.
  3. To help you with making calls to the API for testing purposes you may want to use an extension to your browser. Check out this Google search for Chrome extensions.
  4. For support, you should consult the API documentation mentioned below. If you need more support than that, you can request it from Just send an email with any issue and our support group will get back to you.

You have now completed the first step of the Monitor API Basic Tutorial Series. 

Next Steps


The Monitor API documentation is available at In that documentation you will be able to lookup the method you used in this tutorial. Here is a direct link also: pingService documentation.