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  • Send a message
    POST /snippet/chat/  (POST /chatbot/message/ for test sessions)
    Sends a message to the chatbot. Messages need to be posted at the room id
    obtained here.
    Every room can be entered by 1) the chatbot, 2) the user, and 3) a customer support agents.
    The parameter 'destination' specifies the visibility of the message and can have the
    values: ['ALL', 'ADMIN', 'USER', 'CHATBOT'].
  • Poll messages for a room
    POST /snippet/read/  (GET /chatbot/instance/<id> for test sessions)
    Polls the complete conversation history. Messages have integer IDs assigned in 
    ascending order to make it easy to identify seen and unseen messages.
    The room iid id is the one obtained here.